Saturday, 20 August 2011

Incredible Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

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Olive Oil & Sugar
Olive oil & sugar, excellent faces scrub when it’s combined & used. Mix them together and then rub it on your face. The sugar scrub clears out the dead skin cells and the olive oil beautifully nourish & moisturize the skin. It’s a special beauty spa for girls to rejuvenate their sad winter skins. Even, you can use it as a lip scrub, it shows good results.

Egg Yolk
It’s obvious for skin to react to the level of stress and often get confused of becoming oily and dry.  Egg yolk, the great skin equalizer which can be used for normal, dry, oily and sensitive. But its little cold and slimy, but use of egg yolk on you face for one week will fix your skin right up. It’s cheap and totally worth out.

Safflower Oil
Safflower oil makes your budget perfect and the best eye make remover and moisturizer for the skin. It works great especially for eye dry skin area and offers a gentle & long lasting effect. Smooth it with your fingertips and apply it on your eyes and then wipe it with cotton ball or soft tissues. You fine a clean & moisturized skin on your eyes.

Hair conditioners
If you have oily roots, don’t apply hair conditioners on the first 2-3 inches of your hair. Also focus especially on ends. Also for extra shiny hair, do longer rinsing once you conditioned your hair. It works great!

Always use a primer before applying a makeup, so that it soothes the skin. It helps to apply makeup flawlessly on the skin & look magnificent


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