Monday, 21 November 2011

Top Five Famous Pubs In Chennai

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This is the first kind of tapas (short eats) pub in chennai. It has wide variety of popular servings in Spanish pubs, and can easily seat more than 100 people at a time. From the usual Pubs in Chennai, ZARA is a great change. It also offers liquors at affordable cost.


You can find DISTIL at Taj Connemara. It has good music and you can enjoy your night, which is quite expensive with Short eats.


Good place to chill out on Friday nights & week nights too. On the other side the bar is definitely more expensive than the others that means you need to pay a lot for good old ' Golden Eagle' or 'Sand Piper'.


If you are looking for a pub with action, it is absolutely 10 Downing St. It is a large place with English pub style interiors. There is also a separate seating area for groups & couples (only in Chennai) with easy couches.


This pub is very nice place to hang out among many Pubs in Chennai. The bouncers are welcoming and don't bother you.


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