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Enjoy The Fun Filled Shopping And Nightlife In Chennai

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The metropolitan cities of India are developing fast; Chennai is no exception. You can get all the necessities which you can find in any other metropolis in the country. Besides being a leisure spot with beaches, temples, and monuments in addition to being an international business hub, what is also unique about the city are the shopping centers, nightlife, cuisines served in the restaurants, and more.

Chennai is also known for shopping and it is called as “shoppers delight”. There are several shopping centers in chennai that are worth to visit. You may well bargain for prices at almost all the places excluding for the brands for which prices of products are fixed. You can get contemporary and traditional art and crafts, antiques, jewelry, textiles and many more from the shops in chennai. The popular and most preferred shopping in chennai are stone carvings from Mamallapuram, metal works from Tanjavur, silks from Kanchipuram, and bronze/brass castings from Kumbakonam.

Chennai also bustles with life in the night, especially in the pubs in chennai. Entertainment freaks will adore spending their nightlife in Chennai. Few centers of Chennai nightlife worth mentioning are:
  • 'Pasha' at The Park
  • Flame Le Club at the Le Royal Meridien
  • Platinum Dance bar at Quality Inn Aruna
  • Dublin, the Irish pub cum discotheque at the Park Sheraton Hotel
  • The MiXX dance pub at Country Suites
  • Sparks dance pub at Hotel Savera.
You will certainly look for dining in a best restaurant where you can well appease your appetite, when you plan to visit a new city or even if it is familiar to you. There are many best restaurants in Chennai which you can choose through Restaurant reviews Chennai. It all depends on which place you are staying in and accordingly you can go online and search for one of the best restaurants in Chennai in that locality.


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