Friday, 2 September 2011

Interesting Bridal Makeup Tips

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Wedding ceremony, one of the most important & exciting day in the life for both men & women. Every bride wants to look fabulous & she takes more care for that special day and night. To make the bride fabulous, more professional beauty salons or parlors are available with latest trends & makeup kits.

Expert beauticians have variety of makeup kits, cosmetic items, costumes, beauty concepts, hairstyles and jewelries. Choose them carefully according to the bride’s skin. If you choose a beautician perfectly, then your wedding photo flashes beautifully!!

Here are some useful makeup tips for bride to look gorgeous:-
  • Cover eye dark circles, wrinkles & spots using light shade foundations. Apply the foundation in outward circular direction over the face.
  • Use powder foundation on neck, ears & chest, so that you look great & have equal skin color.
  • Use concealer shade similar to foundation and blend well.
  • Trim eyebrows 1 or 1/2 day before the wedding
  • Choose natural or true colors for eye shadow & avoid bright / neon colors. Instead you can try lighter to your wedding dress.
  • Apply waterproof mascara. So that it helps while sweating.
  • Do facials, scrubbing or facial mask at least 1 week before the wedding day.
  • Take care of acne and tone up your skin prior to 6 months of your wedding.
  • Don’t try with new products or new treatments as it sometimes damage your skin.
  • Have proper amount of sleep before your wedding. Drink plenty of water & take rest, so that your eyes & skin looks bright.
  • Keep makeup kit like lipstick, powder, mascara along with tissue paper, lip gloss etc, so that touch-ups can be done whenever required.
  • For glossy look, prefer lip liner. It blends easily with lipstick.
  • Once your bridal makeup is done, don’t go out in sun rays. Otherwise apply sunscreen lotion.
  • Apply your favorite perfume.
  • Keep all your anxiety away & feel hassle-free.


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